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Seaward Towing

Ventura, California

Towing & Roadside Assistance 24/7 

Servicing all Of Ventura County

Phone 805-643-7570 

Seaward Towing is one of Ventura California's

most reliable towing service.

We are avalible for Roadside Services 24/7

We provide service for most auto clubs.

We tow everything vintage cars to exotic cars.

from local towing to long distance, have wheel lifts

and flatbeds and can tow any car. 

Our Services 

  • Wheel Lift And Flat Bed
  • Local & Long Distance Towing
  • Jump Start
  • Lockout
  • Tire Change
  • Gas Delivery
  • Winching
  • We Tow Motorcycles
  • Tow Away Service  
  • Boats & Recreational Vehicles Towing Available
  • Auto, Truck Recycling
  • We'll Pick-Up
  • In Any Area
  • Free Removal Of Junk Cars & Trucks

   Contact 24/7    805-643-7570

Ventura County's Most Reliable Tow Company, 
24HR, 7 Days A Week Emergency Road Service,

We are A full service tow facility with professional
and courteous employees.

Ready to meet your tow and recovery needs
Without any damage a
nd at an affordable price.
We tow everything from Old Vintage Cars To New Exotic Cars
with Extreme Care..

Currently we are Towing away junk cars for free see our ad below.

The benefits of Recycling Automobiles


Recycling Steel and Iron Used In Automobiles

   Steel’s importance in automobiles

We rely on automobiles to transport us from place to place.

We also rely on automobiles to keep us safe. Fortunately auto

manufacturers depend on steel to protect their customers. In

addition to its strength, durability and dependability, steel is

also recyclable and contains recycled steel.


Nationwide recycling efforts

Automobiles are the most recycled consumer product. Each

year, the steel industry recycles more than 14 million tons of

steel from end-of-life vehicles. This is equivalent to nearly

13.5 million automobiles. When comparing the amount of steel

recycled from automobiles each year to the amount of steel

used to produce new automobiles that same year, automobiles

maintain a recycling rate of nearly 100 percent.

Recycled content of automobiles
By weight, the typical passenger car consists of about 65 percent

steel and iron. The steel used in car bodies is made with about 25
percent recycled steel. Many internal steel and iron parts are made
using even higher percentages of recycled steel. All steel products
contain recycled steel because steel scrap is a necessary ingredient

in the production of new steel. Steel scrap is derived not only from

automobiles but also from steel cans, appliances and construction




The basics of recycling automobiles
Old cars are typically hauled to an automobile dismantler, where reusable

parts are removed. After removing the reusable parts and other items like
batteries, tires and fluids, the hulks are usually shipped to ferrous scrap
processors.  At a scrap yard, the automobiles enter the shredder. The
shredding process, which handles one car every 45 seconds, generates
three streams: iron and steel; nonferrous metal; and fluff (fabric, rubber, glass,
etc.). The iron and steel are magnetically separated from the other materials
and recycled.  The iron and steel is then shipped to end markets or steel 

mills where it is recycled to produce new steel.


Environmental Benefits


Recycling steel saves energy and natural resources. The steel industry annually

saves the equivalent energy to power about 18 million households for a year.

Recycling one ton of steel conserves 2500 pounds of iron ore, 1400 pounds of
coal and 120 pounds of limestone.




If you have a car to donate
Contact us today and we will Haul it away same day hassle free.

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